Handcrafted from start to finish in Montrose, Colorado by the skilled artisans at Scott, A4 rods feature many of the technological and process innovations in top end Scott rods.

The blanks are designed and rolled with multi-modulus lay ups on compound taper mandrels, and are connected using Scott's industry leading low mass sleeve ferrule design.

A4 rods are smooth casting high line speed rods with very low physical weights. They recover very quickly and cast flat, precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.

New grip shapes were turned from Super grade cork to provide greater feel, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods make rigging easy and protect the hardware from harsh elements, and TiCh stripping guides feature SiC inserts.
  • Multi-Modulus Design - Fine tuned flex and recovery
  • Natural Finish-Naturally stronger, naturally lighter
  • Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado
A4 772-4 2 7'7" 1.5 oz. $745
Light and sensitive with great feel, the smallest member of the G2 series is the rod to reach for if you're fishing for native trout with dry flies in small streams. This rod loads with a short line and flexes deeply during fights with smaller fish.
A4 842-4 2 8'4" 2.2 oz. $745
This ultra light rod will float in small dries on very long leaders and protect the lightest tippets. This is a specialized rod for anglers looking for the lightest touch.
A4 773-4 3 7'7" 1.6 oz. $745
One of the finest small stream graphite rods ever built. If you prefer the speed of graphite rods but still want a rod with tons of touch and feel that is light and responsive, this is the rod.
A4 843-4 3 8'4" 2.3 oz. $745
A great light line rod for small to mid sized waters where dry flies are the norm but the occasional light nymph may be used.
A4 883-4 3 8'8" 2.4 oz. $745
This rod has become legendary for its control, feel and precision in presenting dry flies on very long light leaders. If you need a technical dry fly rod to catch big wary trout, look no further.
A4 774-4 4 7'7" 2.3 oz. $745
A great rod where short length is needed along with more power to handle bigger fly sizes and bigger fish.
A4 844-4 4 8'4" 2.6 oz. $745
One of all time favorite 4 weights for fishing small to mid sized waters. This rod has magic. It casts beautiful tight loops, turns over long leaders and places dries with great accuracy. When you need to go to nymphs or light streamers, this rod handles the job easily.
A4 884-4 4 8'8" 2.7 oz. $745
Our favorite rod for technical tailwaters and spring creeks. Delivers flies with accuracy and delicacy, with a tip that can protect the lightest tippet.
A4 904-4 4 9' 2.8 oz. $745
This rod is for the dry fly enthusiast who needs to present smaller patterns on long light leaders. It will also handle hopper dropper rigs and small technical nymph set ups perfectly.
A4 845-4 5 8'4" 2.7 oz. $745
A great choice for tighter quarters fishing situations that call for heavier flies or larger wind resistant dries.
A4 885-4 5 8'8" 2.8 oz. $745
Progessive loading and sensitive, the 885/4 offers the perfect balance of sensitivity and power for delicate presentations at a wide range of distances. This rod is incredibly versatile, handling both technical dry fly fishing and medium-heavy nymph rigs.
A4 905-4 5 9' 2.9 oz. $745
An all-purpose medium action 5 weight for those who cast with a more relaxed stroke. The 905/4 has a sensitive tip for superior tippet protection, with a butt to turn over heavier flies and turn larger fish.
A4 886-4 6 8'8" 2.9 oz. $745
Our favorite rod for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. If you're going out for a day on the water where you'll likely be fishing streamers and big nymphs with the chance for a hatch, this is the rod you'll want to take with you. Power for the big stuff with a medium flex and softer tip to keep you in the game when the hatch starts.
A4 906-4 6 9' 3 oz. $745
The rod for anglers who prefer a smoother deeper loading rod for their nymphing and streamer fishing. This rod has great feel and control with all but the heaviest flies.