CrossCurrent GLX

Saltwater flyfishing is highly dependent on bait, cover, current and tides. Where currents cross - creating rips, seams and turbulence - is the playground for saltwater anglers. It's where the baitfish find sanctuary and the game fish come to dine. It's where the depth changes on an otherwise boring flat that hides a big snook as he waits for unsuspecting prey. It's how we look at the world of saltwater fly fishing and it's what CrossCurrent is all about!

It's the culmination of hours of research . . . on the water and in the factory, creating rods with incredible lifting power and fast tapers that help you make tight, aerodynamic loops so you can punch out unbelievably long cast after long cast, even in a stiff breeze. It's the beautiful appointments we've added to these rods to make them as enjoyable to look at as they are to fish. It's the light weight, the power and the castability that makes our CrossCurrent Series the most dynamic, most popular saltwater fly rods in the universe.

There are seven rods in the CrossCurrent GLX family, all 4-piece travel rods, featuring Recoil (nickel-titanium) guides and anodized aluminum reel seats with our "yin yang" cutouts exposing a graphite insert with G.Loomis' iconic Skeleton Fish logo. Each rod comes in a soft, protective rod sock and travel case.
Item Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Taper Power Price
11286-01 FR 1086-4 CC GLX 9' A 4 6 Fast Stiff $670
This rod is at the lower end of the power curve for those saltwater fanatics that like to go a light as possible. It's designed with a responsive tip, combined with an extra-powerful butt-section, making it a great little rod for casting small flies on long leaders to bonefish, seatrout or puppy drum, especially in extra skinny water where the fish are easily spooked. For a six-weight, it's still got plenty of power and will handle big fish surprisingly well. A nice option for light-duty freshwater bass fishing.
11287-01 FR 1087-4 CC GLX 9' A 4 7 Fast Stiff $685
As long as the wind isn't a factor, this rod is a great choice for almost any of the popular flats species like redfish, bonefish, specks and small permit. It's more powerful than you might think and totally capable of handling oversized surprises, no problem! When you want to go to a slightly lighter rod on the flats, whether for fun or the challenge, this is as good as it gets!
11288-01 FR 1088-4 CC GLX 9' A 4 8 Fast Stiff $690
The standard by which all light-duty saltwater fly rods are measured, this crisp casting 8-weight is our number one flats rod. With the versatility and quickness of a middleweight, it has the punch of a heavyweight. Tight loops, great range and power to spare, this rod is our choice for bonefish, permit, snook, stripers or blues. A great tool for any light-saltwater fly fisher's arsenal, even in breezy conditions. They just don't get any better than this!
11289-01 FR 1089-4 CC GLX 9' A 4 9 Fast Stiff $710
When you need to step up to bigger flies, longer casts and bigger fish, this 9-weight is the right choice. It's a great rod for casting in the wind and will handle all the popular fish on the saltwater scene. Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, false albies... you name it. It's got the power of a cannon, but "shoots" like a rifle.
11290-01 FR 10810-4 CC GLX 9' B 4 10 Fast Stiff $740
A real powerhouse when it comes to casting big flies for big fish, especially on windy days when a lot of fly fishers get that "where's the spinning rod" attitude. This rod has a lot of lifting power for moving big permit away from a wreck or handling big dorados in the open ocean. It's all about power and everything heavy-duty. Want a real challenge on a fly rod? Take this one along on your next tarpon trip. We're sure you'll be impressed!
11291-01 NFR 10811-4 CC GLX 9' B 4 11 Fast Stiff $770
We're not sure "finesse" is the proper technique for light tarpon fishing, but it's about the best way to describe this powerhouse. When the fishing pressure puts those big silver kings off the bite, you can take this rod and go to slightly smaller flies and turn the tables in your favor. It is still extremely powerful, but casts a bit easier than it's big brother, the 12-weight and the subtle difference in rod weight can save your arm after a long day on the flats. A real good option for roosterfish as well as bull dorado!
11292-01 NFR 10812-4 CC GLX 9' B 4 12 Fast Stiff $780
"THE" big tarpon fly rod! For that matter it's the "big anything" fly rod. From sails to striped marlin and tuna, this is an excellent rod for keeping the pressure on. It's really light considering the power it creates. Even though this rod really packs a punch, it has the feel of a much smaller rod. It will cast large, wind-resistant flies a mile. When those big 'poons' show up on the flats, this is the rod you'll want in your hands.