The influence of green . . .

The G. Loomis factory is located in the small town of Woodland, in the heart of Southwest Washington near the confluence of the Lewis and Columbia rivers. Woodland is a nice place to live and work. With the exception of late August, September and sometimes early October, our temperatures are very mild. We get a lot of rain in the late fall thru late spring and that keeps it pretty green around here. We are basically in a valley created by mountains to the West and the East. The Cascades to our East and the Coast Range to our West create a lot of lift as the storm clouds approach the Northwest and the result is lots of rain and lots of green. Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Alder and Cedar trees abound, along with a good amount of ferns, Devil's Club, Oregon Grape, Salal, and numerous varieties of berries.

Green is a major influence on the region and it's people. It is also a major influence in our approach to color schemes. After all, if you look at almost any fish, they are some shade of green. If you look at our products over the years, it's gone from reds, blues and matte-blacks to more shades of green. The color green will continue to play a major role in our products, our displays and our themes. Not only is it very soothing, representing the color of growth, of nature and conservation, but it's also very pleasing to the senses, having an overall calming effect on people as well as animals. It's going to be a major emphasis in our approach to our factory, the market and our products for many years to come.

It's all about people, performance, and passion . . .

When we talk about the success behind G. Loomis, it all starts with people. This company was founded 30 years ago on one man's dream . . . a passion for fishing and the outdoors. Sure . . . we have incredible, high-tech equipment and are always researching new materials, new designs and new components, but the passion of the people is our driving force. As our company has grown, so have the people. They've worked hard to improve their efficiencies and their knowledge. They've been instrumental in every aspect of the success of this company. There's a lot of "hands on" at G.Loomis. Machines don't cut graphite patterns or wrap guides or ferrule blanks . . . factory technicians do.

Our customers get world class customer-service from our people, not telephones or computers. New products and new, more dynamic materials are the result of engineers that spend hours researching and testing them so we can make them available to all anglers. It's all about our people and their passion for making the finest, high performance fishing rods on the planet. And another thing... every rod you see with the G.Loomis logo on it, whether it's NRX or GL2, is made right here in our Woodland, Washington factory. Always have been and always will be.


  • 15% lighter and up to 15% stronger than GLX
  • Incredible accuracy, power and sensitivity
  • Super-lightweight components
  • Ion-coated REC Recoil guides
The new benchmark in fly-fishing rods. For years the GLX was the standard by which all high-performance rods were judged. Now there is a new king. The NRX series is the lightest, strongest and most sensitive rods G.Loomis has ever built. Constructed using higher modulus graphite paired with a state-of-the-art resin system, these rods are at least 15% lighter, up to 15% stronger and more impact-resistant than equivalent-power GLX rods. Put one in your hand and you'll experience the highest levels of accuracy, power and indicator-eliminating sensitivity. They incorporate the best in components, including super-lightweight reel seats, grips and guides selected specifically for this series. The custom reel seats have no exposed threads to make it easy to lock in the reel to the seat. Exclusive black ion-coated REC Recoil guides reduce line friction, eliminating more than 80% of guide noise. HD cork designs on the grips increase indicator sensitivity and durability. Includes custom carbon rod tube and microfiber sock. Covered by G.Loomis' limited lifetime warranty.


The G. Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Rods are the answer when conditions call for long, delicate casts using extremely light leaders to help you fool spooky fish. These rods are smooth casting, soft tapers for managing long, whisper-thin leaders and small to medium-sized dry flies. They track true for exceptional accuracy and control, plus they are light as a feather with beautiful lines, featuring select species cork.

CrossCurrent GLX

Saltwater flyfishing is highly dependent on bait, cover, current and tides. Where currents cross - creating rips, seams and turbulence - is the playground for saltwater anglers. It's where the baitfish find sanctuary and the game fish come to dine. It's where the depth changes on an otherwise boring flat that hides a big snook as he waits for unsuspecting prey. It's how we look at the world of saltwater fly fishing and it's what CrossCurrent is all about! It's the culmination of hours of research . . . on the water and in the factory, creating rods with incredible lifting power and fast tapers that help you make tight, aerodynamic loops so you can punch out unbelievably long cast after long cast, even in a stiff breeze. It's the beautiful appointments we've added to these rods to make them as enjoyable to look at as they are to fish. It's the light weight, the power and the castability that makes our CrossCurrent Series the most dynamic, most popular saltwater fly rods in the universe.