1976 was a hallmark year for the fly fishing world. It was then that Ted Juracsik introduced his first Anti-Reverse Tarpon Reel designated the Billy Pate.

This series now includes three Anti-Reverse models, for rod weights 6-12. No other reel has matched the Billy Pate's durability and dependability day in day out, year after year, regardless of conditions, locale or species. This precision piece of equipment is designed and constructed to withstand the most demanding fly fishing environments. As with all reels that leave Ted's shop, the Billy Pate is virtually maintenance free.

While there are over 225 World Records that attest to its performance, you don't have to be interested in records to appreciate this reel. If you know your fly fishing history, you know this is the reel that set the hook.
Weight: 8 oz.
Frame Size: 3 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Capacity: 230 yds. with WF6F
215 yds. with WF7F
200 yds. with WF8F
All with 20 lb. backing
Rod Weights: 6-7-8
Species: Steelhead, Salmon, Bonefish, Permit, Dorado, Bluefish
MSRP: $500 - Extra Spool $205
Weight: 8.5 oz.
Frame Size: 3 1/2" x 1 5/8"
Capacity: 300 yds. with WF7F
285 yds. with WF8F
275 yds. with WF9F
All with 20 lb. backing
Rod Weights: 7-8-9
Species: Salmon, Steelhead, Bonefish, Redfish, Dorado, Small Tarpon
MSRP: $530 - Extra Spool $216
Weight: 13 oz.
Frame Size: 3 3/4" x 2"
Capacity: 350 yds. with WF10F
320 yds. with WF11F
300 yds. with WF12F
All with 30 lb. backing
Rod Weights: 10-11-12
Species: Tarpon, Stripers, King Salmon, Dorado, Shark
MSRP: $565 - Extra Spool $222